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  • Papaver nudicaule Garden Gnome

    • Sturdy medium size mixture
    • Large flower size, abundant flower colours
    • Blue green leaf, wintergreen
    • 13-15 weeks
    • 12″ / 30 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw
  • Penstemon digitalis Mystica

    • Mystical beauty best discribes the season long elegance of Penstemon MYSTICA
    • Beginning with bronze rosettes in the early spring
    • Mystica develops multiple flower stems with exceptionally large light lavender pink flowers during the early summer
    • Fall brings yet another treat as the foliage turns to a rich red colour At 28-32" (70-80 cm) tall in the garden, 'Mystica' adds a stately grace to the perennial garden. Requiring vernalization, this classic perennial blooms for an extended period during the early summer months. Long lived, 'Mystica' thrives in a wider range of soil types than most Penstemons. 'Mystica' attracts butterflies and hummingbirds into the perennial garden and is long lasting as a cut flower.
    • 8-10 months
    • 30″ / 75 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • ApeX
  • Physostegia virginiana Crystal Peak White

    • Garden's First Lady
    • FastraX perennial: flowers the first year from seed without vernalization
    • Compact habit reduces shipping cost and bench space
    • 16-18 weeks
    • 16″ / 40 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw
  • Platycodon grandiflorus Pop Star™ Blue

    • A new Pop Star is born! Platycodon – Pop Star™
    • Best branching on market
    • Most compact plant habit on market - much fewer PGR's
    • Tight flowering window - huge flowers
    • 3 enchanting clean colors
    • Fast and very easy to grow
    • Great for in-ground beds; patio containers
    • Use as Indoor / outdoor product
    • 13-15 weeks
    • 7″ / 18 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw
  • Primula elatior Crescendo® Mix

    • Shining Colours
    • Uniform series across the whole colour range
    • Extremely winter hardy, Crescendo®s can be used much like a pansy in Northern climates
    • Sow in July for late January flowering
    • Crescendo®s can be grown under cooler temperatures, cutting production costs for the grower
    • 7-9 months
    • 7″ / 18 cm
    • Partial shade - Shade
    • Raw
  • Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm

    • Masses of long-lived golden yellow flowers with dark centers
    • 16-18 weeks
    • 28″ / 70 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • ApeX
  • Sagina subulata

    • White starry flowers, evergreen matforming, trampling-tolerant perennial
    • Ideal in paving and an attractive structural plant
    • 13-15 weeks
    • 3″ / 8 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw
  • Salvia x superba Queen Rose

    • Pink flowers, scented
    • 13-15 weeks
    • 24″ / 60 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Salvia x superba Adora Blue

    • With a dense, clumping habit and a profusion of flower spikes, growers will adore the Salvia ADORA Blue
    • Deep, violet blue flower petals unfold on upright flower spikes
    • What makes this Salvia even more unique are the large number of vibrant blue flowers that occur the first year from seed
    • A dense branching habit and multiple flower stems offer a vast array of color from May through June
    • This unique specimen is sure to draw attention in the container, as well as the garden
    • Flowering early the first year without vernalization, ADORA Blue offers growers quick and economical production
    • ADORA Blue fits in with annual production in the early spring, and also fits in with traditional flowering perennial production for the later summer months
    • ADORA offers unique beauty in mixed combination pots or as border planting in any stylish garden setting
    • Pair with Gaillardia ARIZONA Sun, Lobelia Fan® and Cerastium Silver CARPET for a vibrant landscape display
    • 12-14 weeks
    • 14″ / 35 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw