Merry Berry
Great Gift Item for the Best Time of the Year!
Gaultheria procumbens

Merry Berry

  • New Gaultheria series from Benary
  • Mounded plant habit
  • Many attractive red berries - standard and large size
  • Excellent evergreen – perfect use for indoor and outdoor
  • BeGreen Pelleted: Chemical and microplastic-free

Not available in North America.

  • BeGreen
Crop Time
Spring: 43 weeks
Height ∅
10 ″ / 25 cm
Sun - Partial shade
Seed Form
BeGreen Pelleting
Heat Zone
Hardiness Zone
Best Uses
Pot Plant

Culture guide

Sowing method

Sow 6-8 seeds per cell in a 128 or 264 tray (or comparable format).


20-30 days


Fine lose substrates or glued plugs are suitable growing media. Maintain a pH value of around 4 (3.8 to 4.5).
In the beginning, the EC value should not exceed 1 to 1.25 mS/cm. Always use or mix with rainwater, if possible.
Higher light and temperature levels will encourage germination. A soil temperature of 20 °C and high humidity ensure the best germination results. The first phase, from germination until the established young plant, is approximately 8 weeks. Finished young plants after approximately 13 weeks.


68 °F / 20 °C

Colors of the series