BIG Begonia

BIG® Begonia.

The most trusted Begonia in its Class. Period.

Easy. Versatile. Beautiful. Care-free.

BIG® Begonias are easy to grow and thrive in sun or shade. Landscapers around the world depend on BIG® Begonias for their most demanding installations. Growers and landscapers know BIG® Begonias deliver an outstanding show of color even under the most challenging conditions.
When the "color" matters, BIG® Begonias are kind of a BIG deal! 

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BIG® – The World's Most Popular Begonia!

Since BIG® was introduced the series has captured more and more of the global market, from Europe and the US to China and Russia. All around the globe it is the most popular begonia of its kind. Its multi-purpose use and extremely easy maintenance make it so popular around the world.

BIG® Begonias are so versatile! Grow them in 306 packs/Jumbo packs, quarts, gallons/17 - 19 cm pots (3 l pots) or even hanging baskets for amazing color at retail.

Landscapers know – Go BIG® or go Home!
Landscapers around the world trust BIG® Begonias to thrive in every climate, in sun and shade. For bold, maintenance free color, you just can't beat BIG® Begonias.
Most plants need to be planted on 8” / 20 cm or 12” / 30 cm centers. BIG® Begonias will fill in two weeks faster than any other begonia. And they grow 24-32” / 60-80 cm tall so they can be spaced every 18” / 45 cm on center. The reduced number of plants, labor, and maintenance can add up to huge savings! BIG® Begonias should be every landscape professional’s go-to plants for reliable, flawless results.

BIG® Flower Power Ideas!
BIG® Begonias are not only beautiful at retail, we have created tons of ideas for in-store events. From simple kids projects, to fun bachelorette party ideas. Simply download our DO IT BIG® Booklets and you're ready to go!

The BIG® Easy!
BIG® Begonias provide an awesome pop of color all season long. They are also very low maintenance since they don't need deadheading and are quite drought tolerant once established. BIG® begonias don’t need much water, so water them every other day and they will be covered with huge beautiful flowers and clean glossy leaves all summer.

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Landscape Lookbook

Landscape Lookbook

Begonia BIG & Whopper / BIG & BIG DeluXXe

Begonia BIG & Whopper / BIG & BIG DeluXXe

Do it BIG, 1st Edition

Do it BIG, 1st Edition

Do it BIG, 2nd Edition

Do it BIG, 2nd Edition


Do it BIG, 3rd Edition

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