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At Benary we are committed to make our products easier to grow, and more profitable for you.

Seed technology is our way of helping to increase your yield, reduce shrink, and reduce production costs. Each crop is tested for its specific needs to: break dormancy; improve vigor; flow through automatic seeders; or to produce full, uniform plug trays. Our experts then determine the most innovative solutions to obtain the optimal results, helping you to be successful.

    BeGreen  – The Industry's First Chemical and Micro-Plastics Free Seed Processing

    At Benary, a healthy environment and a sustainable future are important to us. That is why we developed BeGreen, the first chemical and micro-plastics free priming methods. Look for our BeGreen seeds which are now available in several key crops such as pansies.

    Taking our key crops to the next level.

    Seed Technology, BeGreen Priming

    Seed Technology, BeGreen Priming

    ApeX – Optimum Germination & Excellent Seed Quality

    ApeX SeedMany perennials from seed need to overcome a natural dormancy for proper germination. Methods such as resting the seed for a specific period of time, and chemical treatments can be used to ‘break’ this dormancy and insure that the seed has the optimum germination for growers.
    Benary ApeX treatment increases the young plant yield by up to 30%.

    Dormancy is a natural survival mechanism preventing the seed from germinating under normal climatic conditions. Depending on the species, it can last for months and be tricky to overcome. High performance greenhouse production demands fast, uniform germination. Benary ApeX Seed delivers exactly that, taking the guesswork out of breaking dormancy. Growers can depend on faster germination and significant increases in viable seedling from Benary ApeX Seed.

    Higher yield + faster germination = quantifiable economic results!

    High quality seed is the key to efficient plug production. ApeX Seed has quantifiable economic results.

    Optimal storage: up to 6 months at 41 °F/5 °C

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    ApeX & BeGreen ApeX Seed Items:

    Alchemilla mollis Thriller®

    • 10 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 80 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 70 %)

    Echinacea pururea PollyNation Mix

    • Increased germination rates
    • BeGreen ApeX: chemical and micro-plastics free

    Geranium sanguineum Vision®

    • 30 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 65 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 35 %)

    Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue, Munstead Variety, Vicenza Blue

    • 35 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 85 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 50 %)

    Penstemon digitalis Mystica

    • 25 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 85 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 60 %)

    Ptilotus exaltatus Joey®

    • 85 % Minimum germination in soil

    Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm

    • 25 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 75 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 50 %)
    • enables automatic sowability

    Verbena bonariensis Finesse®

    • 55 % Increase in viable seedlings over raw seed
    • 70 % Minimum germination in soil (raw: 15 %)

    ApeX Lavandula

    Lavandula angustifolia
    Hidcote Blue

    Raw vs ApeX Seed

    ApeX Rudbeckia

    Rudbeckia hirta

    Raw vs ApeX Seed

    Coating – Better Seed Placement & Sowability

    CoatingSome plant species produce seed that has a very flat or irregular shape and, as a result, is complicated to single-sow. Coating the seed to give it a rounder shape and smoother surface can help to solve this problem. Thicker coatings tend to be used to improve sowability. This type of coating is also called encrustation. Thinner coatings are used to make seed placement easier to identify during the sowing process, and to act as markers.

    Pelleting – Easy Sowing & Controlling of Seeds per Cell

    PelletingSome crop species have extremely small seeds which cannot be single-sown. For this reason the raw seed is pelleted. The seed is coated to build a pellet that is approximately 5 to 20 times the size of the actual seed it contains. Pellets allow plug growers to easily sow and control the number of seeds per cell.

    Multipellets – Contain several Seeds

    MultipelletsMultipellets are just like standard pellets except each pellet contains several seeds. This makes producing some species e.g. like Lobelia erinus or Portulaca easier by producing a bushy plant with just one pellet.

    Priming – Faster Germination & Higher Uniformity

    PrimingSeed germination is initiated up to a certain stage of physiological development, then the initiation process is interrupted and the seed is stored at low temperatures. Primed seeds germinate more quickly and more uniformly. The increased uniformity often continues well into the advanced young plant stage. This faster seedling development allows plug growers to use greenhouse space more efficiently.

    At the same time, faster seedling development reduces the number of losses that can occur during the critical germination period

    Optimal storage: up to 6 months at 41 °F ( 5 °C )

    Innovation in Seed Technology - Tangible Solutions for SuccessJungpflanze mit kräftigen Wurzeln

    • Improved germination and uniformity of emergence
    • Increased transplantable seedling numbers
    • More uniform plug development
    • Improved seed sanitation and disease prevention
    • Improved sowability and seed placement
    • Reduced plug production costs
    • More reliable production planning
    • Sustainable, environmentally friendly inputs