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  • Echinacea purpurea Primadonna® Deep Rose

    • ApeX treated - (break natural dormancy) = Profit from Benary's Seed Technology
    • Faster, optimum germination 10+% enhanced germination > 80%
    • Increased young plant yield up to 30%
    • 4-5 days earlier to transplant
    • ApeX treatment extends storability up 100%: from 6 months up to 1 year (under controlled conditions)
    • 10-12 months
    • 30″ / 75 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Echinacea purpurea PollyNation Mix

    • First year flowering Echinacea from seed
    • Very early flowering
    • Large flowers with striking colors
    • Well branching plant habit
    • Perfect patio and garden plant with excellent heat and drought tolerance
    • Suitable for 13-19 cm / 5-8’’ pot production
    • Attractive to bees and a wide range of insects
    • BeGreen ApeX – ensures increased germination rates
    • Limited Availability
    • 12-16 weeks
    • 26″ / 65 cm
    • Shade
    • BeGreen ApeX
  • Erigeron karvinskianus Profusion

    • Yellow-eyed white tinged pink, tiny daisy-type flowers
    • Compact bushy habit, free flowering
    • 12 months
    • 10″ / 25 cm
    • Sun - Partial shade
    • Raw
  • Eryngium planum Glitter White

    • The sister variety to Blue Glitter, the White Glitter adds elegance and a touch of class to cut flower arrangements or in the landscape
    • White Glitter has an abundance of white, pincushion-shaped flowers
    • Dense flower spikes allow White Glitter versatility in both the vase and the landscape
    • White Glitter is extremely durable and thrives in hot, sunny locations with rich, fertile soil, but is tolerant to more demanding locations
    • With its bright white flowers and unique appearance, White Glitter is a stunner in the vase for both fresh or dried cut flower production
    • With its natural appeal and great versatility in the landscape, White Glitter also creates a beautiful display in perennial gardens
    • 6-7 months
    • 39″ / 98 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit

    • Aptly named for its unique colour and stature, Eryngium Blue HOBBIT brings a mystique to both the garden and the mixed container
    • Blue HOBBIT can be used as a border plant or as a unique specimen plant within mixed containers
    • Blue HOBBIT performs in a variety of climates, but truly thrives in hot, sunny climates with fertile soils
    • The world's first genetically compact Eryngium, Blue HOBBIT has silver blue stems that emerge from basal rosettes, before forming a globe-like flower head
    • Blue HOBBIT works well as a border plant in large masses, or as a novel specimen in the landscape
    • Blue HOBBIT is a beautiful accent plant, when combined with Melinis SAVANNAH, Echinacea PRIMADONNA Deep Rose and the Lobelia Fan® series in the perennial garden
    • 10-12 months
    • 12″ / 30 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Eucalyptus gunnii (divaricata) Silverdrop

    • Round silvery gray leaf
    • Reddish brown stem colour
    • Evergreen
    • 16-18 weeks
    • 20″ / 50 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Festuca glauca Freddy

    • Blue green leaves, open panicles with blue green to yellowish brown spikelets, tuft-forming habit, wintergreen
    • Vernalisation required
    • 14-16 weeks
    • 20″ / 50 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Festuca valesiaca var. glaucantha Buddy Blue

    • Silvery blue leaves, open panicles of tiny beige spikelets, tuft-forming habit, wintergreen
    • Vernalisation required. Ideal for fall and winter sales
    • 14-16 weeks
    • 12″ / 30 cm
    • Sun
    • Raw
  • Gaillardia x grandiflora Arizona Apricot

    • From April 1st only as coated seed available, for easy sowing
    • No vernalization needed – first year flowering perennial
    • First Gaillardia series from seed
    • Well-branched and uniform habit
    • Long flowering period
    • Thrives under a wide variety of climatic conditions
    • BeGreen coated for better sowability; chemical and microplastics free
    • 17-22 weeks
    • 12″ / 30 cm
    • Sun
    • BeGreen Coating