Pop Star

                        grandiflorus F₁
                        Pop Star™
Use as Indoor and Outdoor Plant

                        grandiflorus F₁
                        Pop Star™
Platycodon grandiflorus F₁

Pop Star™ Blue

Item no.: P1010

A New Pop Star is born!

  • FastraX perennial: First year flowering without vernalization
  • Most compact and well-branched habit on market
  • Tight flowering window
  • Low requirement of PGR application – less chemicals, more sustainable, cost and time saving
  • Impressive flower sizes
Crop Time
Spring: 13 - 15 weeks
Height ∅
7 ″ / 18 cm
Width ∅
7 ″ / 18 cm
Sun - Partial shade
Seed Form
Raw Seed
Heat Zone
Hardiness Zone
Best Uses
Bedding, Landscape

Culture guide


Pots, Mixed Containers and Landscape


Optimal conditions for seedling development, beginning on the day of sowing until radical emergence Expect radicle emergence in 3-4 days.


Plug Culture:
Begin with a Saturated (5) media for the first 4 days. On day 5 begin to reduce the moisture level to a Wet (4) for the next 4 -5 days. Once the cotyledons have expanded reduce further to a Moist (3). This should occur on day 11-12. Begin to alternate between a moisture level Wet (4) and a Medium (2). Let the media approach a Medium (2) before re-saturating to a Wet (4). Alternate between moisture levels Wet (4) and Medium (2). Allow the media to approach a Medium (2) before re saturating to a Wet (4). Platycodon prefer slightly drier media conditions for good root development.
Growing On:
Alternate between moisture levels Wet (4) and Medium (2). Allow the media to reach a Medium (2) before re-saturating to a Wet (4). Allowing the media moisture level to dry back will encourage good root development.


Plug Culture:
68-70 °F (20-21 °C), after germination has occurred the temperature can be reduced slightly to 65-68 °F (18- 20 °C).
Growing On:
65-68 °F (18-20 °C) nights, 70-74 °F (21-23 °C) days for the first two weeks after transplanting. Thereafter temperatures may be lowered to 62–65 °F (16–18°C) day and night. An ADT (average daily temperature of 67˚F (19˚C) will give the fastest finished crop.


Plug Culture:
Maintain an EC < 1.0. Fertilized water should not exceed an EC of 0.5. Begin fertilizing early using a calcium-based feed, 14-4-14 or 15-5-15 at 50 – 60 ppm.
Growing On:
Higher rates of ammonium can now be used in the feed program. Fertilize at 150 - 200 ppm N using a 17-5-17 or 20-10-20 fertilizer. Under higher light conditions 20-10-20 can be used.

Stage I Starts with the radicle breaking through the testa. The roots are touching the medium. Ends with fully developed cotyledons.
Stage II Starts from fully developed cotyledons. Ends with the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair.
Stage III Starts from the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair and ends with 80% of the young plants being marketable.
Stage IV All young plants are ready for sale and in the process of being hardened off. This stage lasts about 7 days.

The cultural recommendations are based on results from trials conducted under Central European conditions. Different conditions in other parts of the world may lead to deviations in results achieved.

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