Wouldn't it be nice...

At Benary, we feel privileged to be part of creating the future of flowers. Every day, we are engaging in hot trends and new technologies.

Every adventure starts with a dream. So here are a few concepts that we have dreamed up. Our "flowers of the future." And just in case you're wondering: No, you cannot order these products... not yet. But we are working hard, so that one day, you will...

Keep dreaming, keep aspiring!


Singapur bei Nacht

This is "Sparky", the perfect landscaping flower for the modern city. "Sparky" was developed with the city of Singapore and is practically indestructible. It can cope with full sun and full shade, can take high humidity as well as weeks of extreme drought.
But what makes "Sparky" really exciting are two unique features:


1. "Sparky" flowers will glow in the dark!

Sparkys flowers glow in the darkBy implementing a naturally fluorescent pigment into the flower pedals, "Sparky" will absorb sunlight throughout the day and return it at night time in a warm and bright glow. As a result, cities that plant "Sparky" along their streets, will no longer need electric street lighting.

2. "Sparky" is the ultimate air purifier.

Every day each plant absorbs around 150 kg of CO2 and converts it into over 100 kg of Oxygen. This is ten times more effective than any tree in the tropical rain forest, providing our crowded cities with a fresh ocean-like breeze.


Kreieren Sie Ihren persönlichen "Buddy"!

“Buddy” is your personalized flower and bred individually for you. Selected in the online Flower Configurator “www.Buddy.plant”

you can choose amongst a multitude of options:

    Buddy, your personalized plant
  • 25 different flower colors from all over the color spectrum, including an additional bi-color option
  • 3 flower sizes: mini, maxi, monster
  • 5 different colors of foliage
  • 4 different plant habits: upright large, upright petite, spreading and trailing
  • 8 different types of scent: from fresh lemon to enchanting lavender
  • Further you can select amongst attractive special features. From mosquito eating flowers (making your summer nights a bite free experience) to THC enriched leaves (for your weekend dose of dope).

Make “Buddy” your personal plant. Shipping is just as simple as ordering. The day after your online order, you will receive a 5x5 cm box, containing your “Buddy” baby plant. Unbox it and in just 24 hours your “Buddy” will grow up into a finished plant.

“Buddy”, a plant like a friend.


"MacGyver" bietet eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten

"MacGyver" is a crossing between 13 different species and is the Swiss Army Knife amongst the bedding plants: Nothing of this plant is without a benefit.

    "MacGyver", die ultimative Pflanze
  1. The pollen of the plant is addictive to hummingbirds and butterflies, making "MacGyver" a perfect pollinator magnet.
  2. The flowers react to the atmosphere pressure. If the pressure goes up, they will turn red, if it goes down, they will turn yellow. Thus, telling you what tomorrow’s weather is going to be like.
  3. The leaves have been bred to be sensitive to stress hormones. Touch them and the plant will let you know by its leaf color, if you need a relaxing massage (bright green) or a kicking coffee (black). Pick the flowers and "MacGyver" will release its stevia heritage: A sweetener 100 times sweeter than conventional sugar.
  4. The tomato shaped fruits can be modulated in taste: Give some sugar in its water and it will taste sweet as a melon. Give some salt in it, and it will taste like spicy pepper. And more: Choose from more than 25 different additives for your watering water, flavoring "MacGyver’s" fruits from smokey barbeque to super sour.
  5. The roots of the plant produce low voltage electric energy. Through a plug in the pot you can charge your smart phone and other home devices.
  6. Towards the end of the life cycle, the roots of "MacGyver" will form into tubers of starch that are just as versatile as a potato.

But what makes "MacGyver" really unique, is that the plant will talk to you. By releasing specific substances into the substrate, which your watering sensor will read and transmit to your smart phone, the plant will tell you exactly what it needs: more water, more light, more food.