rigens F₁
Perfect for Pot and Pack Production

                        rigens F₁
Gazania rigens F₁


  • Very uniform flowering window with a variation of 3-5 days
  • Specially developed for pot and pack production
  • Excellent outdoor performance
  • Compact plant habit
  • BeGreen Coated – chemical and microplastics free coating


Technical Guide: Click here

All information in our technical guide is based on our own trials and would therefore be as guideline only. Detailed cultivation aspects vary depending on climate, location, time of year and environmental conditions. Benary expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content of such data/information and makes no representation or warranty for the cultivation of any products listed. It is recommended that growers conduct a trial of products under their own conditions.

  • BeGreen
Crop Time
Spring: 12 - 15 weeks
Height ∅
8 ″ / 20 cm
Width ∅
9 ″ / 23 cm
Seed Form
BeGreen Coating
Best Uses
Bedding, Landscape, Pot Plant

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