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Pansies and Violas to suit any season and individual requirements: Benary’s newcomers

Very trendy and popular: Viola cornuta F1 Admire® with new colors

It's only a season ago that Benary launched its new viola series Viola cornuta F1 Admire®.
This season the seed breeders are adding three new colors, White, Blue, Yellow Purple Wing, and an improved Yellow.

Admire® now comes in 13 colors and in various mixes to meet the trend towards greater diversification. Admire® delivers the earliest and most uniform flowering performance compared to popular competitive varieties. The series is particularly appealing because of its extremely narrow flowering window. This is a huge benefit to growers. Flowering occurs within just a few days, and colors are ready for sale all at the same time.

Viola cornuta Admire® Maxi Mix
Viola cornuta Admire® Maxi Mix

Benary has put two brand new F1 pansy (Viola wittrockiana) series on the market: Inspire® Plus and Inspire® DeluXXe

As regards pansies (Viola wittrockiana), Benary is launching two new series with new genetics this year: Inspire® Plus with large flowers and Inspire® DeluXXe with extra-large blooms.
These two series have deliberately been named after Benary's top-selling pansy series Inspire®.

Inspire® Plus – The all-rounder for spring and autumn

Inspire® Plus succeeds the popular Inspire® series. It is Benary's new large-flowered pansy series, the all-rounder for late autumn and early spring flowers.

With a uniform and compact habit, it produces strong leaves and fills pots quickly. Inspire® Plus stands out for its excellent timing and extremely tight flowering window. With the entire series blooming within a matter of days, Inspire® Plus will be a very quick seller. Inspire® Plus is long-lasting and very resilient, the ideal pansy for packs and pots. Benary is offering 13 colours for the new launch this season.

Inspire® DeluXXe – The new pansy series for very early autumn

The XX in Inspire® DeluXXe stands for extra-large flowers and plants. Inspire® DeluXXe spreads out in the pot extremely quickly. It is the perfect solution for growers looking for a uniform series with sufficiently large blooms for early autumn production.

Inspire® DeluXXe is the most uniform and the earliest pansy series on the market. It also stands apart for its very tight flowering window. The entire series is in bloom in less than five days.

Benary's Inspire® DeluXXe series kicks off with nine main colours. Superior pack performance makes this pansy series the best of its kind.

Seed of each of these three series is available both raw and primed. Priming is a special seed technology applied by Benary. It accelerates germination and ensures that germination is uniform. Fast and uniform germination is beneficial because young-plant growers can use their greenhouse space more efficiently several times over.