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Nonstop® Joy – the first semi-trailing Nonstop® begonia

The concept:

Nonstop®  Joy is one of the world famous Nonstop®  begonias from Benary. This means that Joy is ideal for premium production, featuring proven Nonstop®  quality and excellent seed. Available on the market for 40 years, the Nonstop®  brand is popular with customers the world over. And with people of all ages. This is a key benefit to retailers because customers recognise the brand name.

Nonstop® Joy Yellow
Nonstop® Joy Yellow

The breeding goal:

Benary breeders focused on creating a trailing begonia that is straightforward to grow, high quality and also easy to market. The outcome is Nonstop®  Joy and an outstanding success.

Here's what makes Nonstop®Joy so special:

Nonstop®  Joy is the first semi-trailing begonia in the Nonstop®  family and the first ever from seed. Good branching and a compact habit make it ideal for transport as stems will not break. This is a huge benefit to growers, retailers and consumers alike. Hanging baskets are ideal to show off Nonstop® Joy's beautiful globular habit. Nonstop® Joy also looks stunning in decorative tubs. And anyone planting the new Nonstop® in the open ground can look forward to a gorgeous begonia that combines vigorous growth with large double blooms.

Nonstop® Joy thrives in shade and partial shade. Just as the name says, Nonstop®  flowers all summer long until the first frost falls.

Benary started the 2015 season with Nonstop®  Joy Yellow. Our breeders already have more colours in the pipeline for the next few years, both with green and bronze leaves. Nonstop® Joy is a whole new series to delight growers, dealers and consumers for years to come.

Tips for growers:

We recommend using four plugs each for baskets (approx. 12'' (30 cm)) and decorative tubs. To make sure they look their best when put out for sale put Nonstop®Joy into 4-5'' (12-13 cm) pots.