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The Next BIG® Thing!

The BIG® Easy - The Easiest Plant You’ll Ever Grow

It flowers on top of the foliage, showing more of that amazing color at retail and in the garden. Are you unsure of what plants to buy? You want “color” in front of your house, but who has the time? With so many choices how do you know what will work? Full sun, part sun, isn’t there something that can grow well, and look great anywhere? Well, the good news is there is something-BIG® begonias!

The Flower BIG® blooms at Hampton Court Palace in England
BIG® am Hampton Court Palace, England

BIG® begonias thrive anywhere from full sun to full shade. They can handle the hottest summer days, and stand up to the worst thunderstorms. BIG® begonias don’t need much water, so water them every other day and they will be covered with huge beautiful flowers and clean glossy leaves all summer.

Once they’re established, you can even go on a week-long vacation and come back to beautiful flowers. No worries! They can even take a few hits when the temperatures dip into the 30’s. So look no further, buy the easiest plant you’ll ever grow - BIG® begonias.

The benefits of BIG® begonias lie not only in their impressive blooms, but also in their ability to increase profitability through the entire supply chain. BIG®s are extremely disease-tolerant, cost-efficient and adaptable.

BIG® attraction anywhere

BIG®s flower two weeks earlier than comparable competitive varieties and continue nonstop in abundance from spring to late autumn. BIG® begonias are an attraction in any garden. In no time at all they create marvellous masses of flowers in baskets, tubs and flower beds. BIG® is the best outdoor begonia in the industry and creates stunning landscapes.

BIG® begonias are better in every respect. Producing myriad, up to 3'' (8 cm) large, oval-shaped flowers, BIG® begonias have excellent germination capacity and provide outstanding outdoor performance.

BIG® around the world

Since BIG® was introduced in 2008, the series has captured more and more of the global market, from China and Russia to Europe and the US. All around the globe it is the most popular begonia of its kind. Its multi-purpose use and extremely easy maintenance make it so popular around the world. Even in front of the White House in Washington, BIG® produces fantastic blooms.