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Super Hero® Spry

Award Winners

  • Rudbeckia hirta Maya

    • Benary is proud to present MAYA, the world's first dwarf, double flowering Rudbeckia
    • The compact habit of MAYA adds a new and interesting form to the wide assortment of Benary’s Rudbeckias
    • Fully double flowers abound on this durable summer garden performer
    • Strong stems hold the 3.5-4.5" (9-12 cm) bright yellow flowers upright
    • Plantings of MAYA resemble a bed of brightly coloured tennis balls
    • Fleuroselect awarded MAYA the Gold Medal for its outstanding field performance
    • MAYA also makes an excellent choice for a specimen plant in containers or mixed combination pots
  • Rudbeckia hirta Denver Daisy

    • Compact, early flowering mid-sized series
    • Yellow flowers with dark centers all season
    • Recognized winner of several garden awards
  • Rudbeckia hirta Autumn Colors

    • Great landscape performer
    • Dark rustic shades
    • Size and Timing of Prairie Sun
    • Autumn colors shines in the fall!
  • Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen

    • The newest addition to Benary's Salvia program, Fairy QUEEN brings a mystical, airy presence to the garden or mixed container
    • Dense blue flower spikes and buds create the backdrop for Fairy QUEEN's unique appearance
    • A small white spot on each sapphire blue flower creates the illusion of fairy dust. At 18" (45 cm), 'Fairy Queen' matches the height and habit of AAS winning Salvia 'Evolution'. Ist well-branched habit yields a significant number of flowers over deep green foliage. Like ist partner varieties 'Victoria Blue', 'Silver', 'Reference' and 'Evolution', 'Fairy Queen' is an excellent garden performer, flowering from spring through the first frost. This queen of the garden adds beauty and long lasting color to any sunny setting. 'Fairy Queen' is an excellent summer pot item and impressive when used in mass plantings in large beds. Combine Salvia 'Fairy Queen' with Begonia 'Nightlife Pink' and Delphinium 'Summer' series for a refreshingly cool garden presentation or make a bold statement by combining 'Fairy Queen' with Rudbeckia 'Corona'.
  • Salvia farinacea Evolution® Violet

    • Vigorous, well-branched and persistant
    • Ideal container plant
    • Versatile beauty that thrives in a wide range of climates and exposures
  • Salvia farinacea Victoria Blue

    • Deep blue flowers, dense habit
    • Excellent colour effect, nonstop bloomer
  • Sedum spurium Voodoo

    • Exceptional deep red leaf colour
    • Nice round habit in the pot and dense ground cover in soil
    • Abundance of neon rose flowers from June through August
    • Attractive structural plant, evergreen
  • Tagetes erecta Discovery™ Mix (incl. Gold and Primrose)

    • Best dwarf marigold on the market
    • Compact, tidy habit
  • Tagetes patula Super Hero™ Spry

    • The next Generation of Heroes! Tagetes – Super Hero
    • 8 colors in the series
    • Most uniform series on packs and pots
    • Earlier to flower
    • Compact plant habit (not dwarf)
    • Very good and stable flower pattern e.g. Spry
    • Replaces current Hero series