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Super Hero® Spry

Award Winners

  • Sedum spurium Voodoo

    • Exceptional deep red leaf colour
    • Nice round habit in the pot and dense ground cover in soil
    • Abundance of neon rose flowers from June through August
    • Attractive structural plant, evergreen
  • Tagetes erecta Discovery™ Mix (incl. Gold and Primrose)

    • Best dwarf marigold on the market
    • Compact, tidy habit
  • Tagetes patula Little Hero™ Mix

    • Uniform habit, time to bloom and flower size
    • Heat tolerant
  • Tagetes patula Safari Mix

    • Extra large flowers
    • Popular for packs and pots
  • Tagetes patula Hero™ Mix

    • First class performance all around
    • Very popular all across the world
  • Tagetes patula Super Hero™ Spry

    • The next Generation of Heroes! Tagetes – Super Hero
    • 8 colors in the series
    • Most uniform series on packs and pots
    • Earlier to flower
    • Compact plant habit (not dwarf)
    • Very good and stable flower pattern e.g. Spry
    • Replaces current Hero series
  • Tagetes patula Disco Mix

    • Rain and heat tolerant
  • Tithonia rotundifolia Fiesta del Sol

    • Glowing orange flowers, compact habit
    • Ideal for containers and borders, attractive summer flowering pot item
    • Compact habit
    • Heat tolerant
  • Verbena speciosa Imagination®

    • Delicate, profusely branching stems
    • Small deep violet blue flowers