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Super Hero® Spry

Award Winners

  • Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus Maxi Mix

    • Fastest and most uniform Begonia semperflorens series on the market ever!
    • Approx. 10 days earlier than competition, quick to flower
    • Most uniform throughout colour range and within colours
    • Builds strong young plants – plants cover pots and packs well
    • Low energy crop
    • Needs less or no PGRs
    • Compact round plant habit, best basal branching of all competition, does not stretch!
    • Round large flowers with strong colours
    • Excellent flower presentation
    • Starts uniform in packs; stays uniform until the end of the season
    • Keeps compact on the shelf
    • Excellent germination rates
    • Performs very well in the garden
  • Begonia semperflorens Nightsprint Mix

    • Early version of the famous ORGANDY mixture
    • Colours ranging from white to scarlet over deep green or chocolate brown leaves
    • Large flowers and a vigorous habit provide uniformity in earliness and garden performance
  • Begonia semperflorens Cocktail® Mix

    • Best selling fibrous begonias in the world
  • Begonia tuberhybrida Primary Mix

    • Very early, uniform flowering series; the early Nonstop®
    • High germination rate and usable plants
  • Begonia tuberhybrida Nonstop® Joy Yellow

    • Finally a full series in 5 colors!
    • Nonstop Joy — The only semi-trailing tuberous begonia from seed
    • A true multi-purpose begonia suited for premium patio pots and baskets
    • Extra large double flowers
    • Easy to produce and easy to ship due to half trailing character
    • Blooms all summer long
  • Begonia tuberhybrida Nonstop® Mix

    • A full color range in green foliage
    • Nonstop® is best for premium quality production
    • Ideally suited for 12-13 cm / 6” pots, baskets and the landscape
    • Great alternative for shade
    • Consumer recognized brand name
    • Choice of 13 great Nonstop® colors and 1 mix!
  • Begonia tuberhybrida Nonstop® Mocca Mix

    • Highest transplantable seedlings in the industry
    • Free flowering
    • Large double flowers
    • Excellent outdoor performance
    • Strong branching plants
    • Short time from first flower to full flower
    • Series provides now 9 colours and 1 mix
  • Begonia tuberhybrida Illumination® Mix

    • Fully double flowers at each node
    • Spectacular display in hanging baskets and large containers that lighten shady locations
    • Shorter flower stems
    • Beautiful flower presentation
    • High germination rate and plug performance
  • Begonia tuberhybrida (multiflora) New Star® Mix

    • A New Star i Born
    • Fully rounded habit and smaller leaves
    • Abundance of medium sized, double flowers
    • 'New Star'® flowers very early
    • Best for mass production
    • Highest germination rates of all tuberous begonias