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Thank you for visiting us at CA Spring Trials 2015

Video Gallery: California Spring Trials 2015

Get Inspired
with Benary’s New Series

Tom Linwick shows you why Plus and DeluXXe® are better


Introducing Benary’s
San Francisco Begonia

Benary's Matt Mart introduces you to San Francisco Begonia, a plant that can be grown in the sun and in the shade



Violas to Admire® from Benary

Tom Linwick of Benary discusses the new additions to the Viola Admire® series, which offers a tight flowering window for growers


Benary Introduces
Viola cornuta Series

Benary's Tom Linwick gives you a first-look at the grower's new Viola cornuta series, including exciting new colours and mixes.



SUCCESS!® Petunias
from Benary

At the 2015 CAST, Benary's Matt Mart talks about the SUCCESS!® petunia series, a trailing petunia that promises success in the greenhouse and in the garden.


Benary's Nonstop® Begonias

Jon Paul Williams of Benary showcases Nonstop®s, Nonstop® Mocca and Nonstop® JOY Begonias at CAST 2015.



2015 Spring Trials – Benary

Chris and Ellen check out new begonias, new pansies and - gasp - a new impatiens series at Benary.

Lollipop Impatiens

From Benary, Lollipop Impatiens @ Spring Trials 2015: Raspberry Violet, Orange, Peach Salmon, Cherry Red, Pomegranate Carmine, Fruit Punch Rose, Coconut White, Bubblegum Pink.



BIG® Begonias

From Benary, BIG® Begonias @ Spring Trials 2015. Red Green Leaf, Rose Bronze Leaf, Rose Green Leaf, Red Bronze Leaf, Pink Green Leaf.Lots of Color for Sun and Shade; Drought Tolerant; Tolerates Poor Soil. Easiest Plant You'll Ever Grow!


Inspire® DeluXXe Pansy

From Benary, new Inspire® DeluXXe Pansy @ Spring Trials 2015: Simple to Grow. Extra-large, Long-lasting Flowers. Thirves in Cool Temperatures. Yellow with Blotch, Denim, White, Red Blotch, Yellow, Deep Blue Blotch



Inspire® Plus Pansy


Inspire® Plus Pansy Mixes

From Benary, new Inspire® Plus Mixes @ Spring Trials 2015: Sunny Day Mix, Sun 'n Surf Mix, DeluXXe Blueberry Mix, DeluXXe Mulberry Mix and Mardi Gras Mix