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Admire® - New Viola cornuta series

Admire® - The most professional new Viola cornuta F1 series


Admire® Maxi Mix

Admire® Orange Purple Wing

Benary is launching an all-new Viola cornuta F1 series this season: Admire®

Admire® starts off with ten colours that offer a plethora of combinations for spring and autumn sales: Denim, Deep Blue, Marina, Orange Purple Wing, Pink, Pink Surprise, Red Blotch, Ruby Gold, Yellow and Yellow Blotch. To simplify the list of colours worldwide, from this season onwards, Benary's whole range will only be given English names.
Already look forward to more new Admire® colours in the next season.

The name Admire® was chosen deliberately to provide a match for Inspire®, Benary's top-selling Pansy (Viola wittrockiana) series.

Here's what makes Admire® so exceptional:

All colours in the Viola cornuta F1 Admire® series outperform any of the popular competitive varieties with the earliest uniform flowering on the market. Our breeders placed their main focus on creating a uniform plant habit on the one hand and maintaining a very tight flowering window within the series on the other. All Admire® colours flower within a matter of just a few days, facilitating bench-run sales. This is a huge benefit to growers. Another bred-in advantage is that the uniform plants with excellent branching guarantee plenty of flowers.

It is important to note that in terms of earliness and bloom, both the main colours and the bicoloured Admire® varieties are of equal quality. Admire® Deep Blue is an extraordinary colour with an intensity unmatched across all Viola cornuta series in the industry.

Admire® seed comes raw and primed. Priming is a special seed technology applied by Benary. It accelerates germination and ensures that germination is uniform. Fast and uniform germination is beneficial to increase profitability.