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170 Years Benary

Unique Breeding - for 170 Years


Begonia tuberhybrida FNonstop® Rose Petticoat Improved


Begonia tuberhybrida FNonstop® Mocca Cherry


Ageratum houstonianum
Blue Hawaii 5.0

During Benary's international trade shows, visitors will be able to view breeding highlights such as BIG® Begonias, Inspire® Pansies, Santa Cruz® Sunset, new Ageratum Blue Hawaii 5.0, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, and many more from the Lower Saxony breeders' range of ornamentals.

This year Benary presents two new introductions of its world famous Nonstop® Begonias, market leaders for over 40 years!

Begonia tuberhybrida FNonstop® Rose Petticoat Improved
Improved for plant habit, earliness, and seed quality, new Nonstop® Rose Petticoat Improved now matches the other key Nonstop® colours for easy crop scheduling. A distinct colour pattern on fully double flowers will sell through at retail even better than before. Well branched plants have a full rounded habit for a perfect finished plant in any sized pot. Nonstop® Rose Petticoat Improved is ideal for 12-13 cm (6”) pots, or premium basket programs.


Begonia tuberhybrida F1 Nonstop® Mocca Cherry
The newest colour to the only dark leafed double begonia series with a full colour range. Nonstop® Mocca Cherry sports intense cherry red, fully double flowers over rich bronse foliage. A great colour for consumers, Nonstop® Mocca Cherry also has the highest percentage of transplantable seedlings in the industry, making it the new must-have colour in your Nonstop® programs.


Immediately available – Benary’s Ageratum Blue Hawaii 5.0

Well known and popular for many years, Ageratum houstonianum Blue Hawaii is one of the key products Benary took over from Bodger some years ago. However, availability was an issue in the past. 
But that has all changed with the new Ageratum Blue Hawaii 5.0. Just like its predecessor, Blue Hawaii 5.0 is the market leader in the ageratum class. It is the most uniform and compact ageratum available on the market. Its seed-quality is excellent, with a germination capacity of more than 95%. However, what is most important is that Blue Hawaii 5.0 is available with immediate effect.