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4th Medal of Excellence for Benary at OFA!

Santa Cruz® wins Medal of Excellence at OFA 2012


Benary's Area Sales Managers and Matthias Redlefsen, Managing Director, are proud of their award for Santa Cruz®

Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz® looks perfect in hanging baskets!

Wonderful bell-shaped, fiery blooms of Santa Cruz®

Ohio, USA, July 2012: Benary’s Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz® claimed the 2012 "Industry’s Choice" award

In line with its long-standing reputation as breeders of exceptional begonias, Benary has been launching another outstanding begonia this season called 
Begonia boliviensis F1 Santa Cruz®. This annual begonia is stunning in baskets, but also cuts quite a dash in tubs or in flower beds.

This makes Santa Cruz® so special:

It is the first commercial Begonia boliviensis from seed!
This makes it a cost-efficient alternative to comparable varieties raised from cuttings.
There are no royalties which ensures high value for money!

Perfect for landscapes; hanging baskets or containers but also cuts quite a dash in tubs or in flower beds. that need to tolerate extreme heat and weather conditions! Best of all Santa Cruz® does not need pinching, saving growers time and money. Excellent seed quality (90 %+ germ.) in easy-to-sow pellets, assures your success. Larger flowers (5“ (13 cm) wide) and "beefier" dark green foliage, will make Santa Cruz® fly off your benches. Look for Santa Cruz® in American Garden Award‘s twenty-eight trial sites around the country. Go to  for more info.

With its profusion of fiery red-orange, bell-shaped flowers, Santa Cruz® is eye-catching and adds a soft orange light to shadier areas of the garden in particular.