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Benary takes over Bodger Products

Key products from Bodger Seeds find a new home at Benary

Hann. Muenden, Germany / South El Monte, California, 17th of April 2009:
Dear customers and friends,
we are happy to announce that Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH has purchased key products of the professional ornamental seed operations of John Bodger and Sons Company.

As from May 1st 2009 Benary will take over the inventory, the production and the breeding programs in the following product groups:

1. Ageratum houstonianum (Hawaii F1, Blue Blazer F1, Danube F1)
2. Calendula officinalis (Bon Bon™, Touch of Red)
3. Delphinium elatum (Pacific Giants, Magic Fountains)
4. Impatiens walleriana (Tempo® F1, Advantage F1, Envoy F1)
5. Lobelia erinus (Palace)
6. Lobularia maritima (Wonderland)
7. Petunia hybrida (Aladdin™ F1, Celebrity F1, Avalanche F1)
8. Portulaca (Sundial F1, Stopwatch F1)
9. Tagetes erecta (Discovery™ F1, Galore F1, Gold Coins F1, Crush)                   
10. Tagetes patula (Disco, Hero™, Little Hero™, Safari)
11. Viola cornuta (Aero F1)

“We are excited about the hand over to Benary. This will ensure that the efforts of the last four generations of our family business will continue in strong and independent hands,” says Kim Bodger, CEO of Bodger Seeds Ltd.

Through this acquisition Benary improves its position as a major independent player in key ornamentals. “The product portfolio is made to measure for Benary”, says Matthias Redlefsen, Managing Commercial Director of Benary. “This will strengthen our business not only in the established markets, but also in growing regions.”

Benary will intensify the breeding activities in the acquired crops and continue to operate in Lompoc, California, and Quillota, Chile. According to Nick ten Pas, Managing Technical Director of Benary, “the acquired product range is very solid and has a reputation of strong performance around the world. Benary will invest heavily into further breeding to continue offering excellent and exciting new products to the market.”

In order to guarantee a continuous quality and seed supply, Benary will be able to take orders from May 1st 2009 onwards. In some items regular shipping might be interrupted temporarily until June 15th 2009. As from then you will get Bodger genetics at your accustomed Benary quality, both in seed and service.

Please place your orders in the above products as from May 1st to the following coordinates:

Worldwide:                                            USA and Canada
Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH          Ernst Benary of America Inc
Friedrich-Benary-Weg 1                        2759 Wagner Court, Suite C
34346 Hann. Muenden, GERMANY       DeKalb, IL 60115-8609, USA
Phone:  +49 5541 7009 0                       Phone:  +1 815 756 4546
Fax:  +49 5541 7009 20                         Fax:  +1 815 756 9128                                                     

For seed products not listed above and vegetative products, please continue to contact Bodger Seeds, Ltd. as you do now.

Jack Bodger                                       Kim Bodger
President                                            CEO
John Bodger & Sons                          Company Bodger Seeds Ltd.

Dr. Matthias Redlefsen                       Nick ten Pas
Managing Director                              Managing Director
Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH       Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH

About Benary:
Benary was established in 1843 and is a leading ornamental breeding company. The independent family business has just passed the baton onto the sixth generation. According to their principle “a passion for breeding” Benary has continuously developed new seed varieties for the professional ornamental industry. The company holds particularly strong positions in tuberous begonias, fibrous begonias, pansies, pentas, helianthus, rudbeckias and perennials. Recent introductions like Begonia x benariensis BIG or Ptilotus Joey® underline the innovative power of Benary. The German business is globally active and exports over 80% of its sales into more than 110 countries.

About Bodger:
John Bodger and Sons Company was founded in 1890 in California and has a long tradition in the global ornamental industry. Today Bodger operates in three divisions: Bodger Seeds Ltd. coordinates the breeding and production operations in the professional ornamental industry and also sells to mail order and packet companies. Environmental Seed Producers supplies high quality bulk wildflower seed to retail-oriented seed companies and to large area landscaping users such as golf courses and state departments of transportation. The Capital Asset Division of Bodger bundles the real estate activities. Bodger Seed’s vegetative program is established under the “Bodger Botanicals” brand and will remain under Bodger management.

For information:
Dr. Matthias Redlefsen,
Tel.: +49 5541 7009 33