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BIG® wins Award of Merit

Award of Merit - A Royal Tribute to BIG® Begonia x benariensis


BIG® Rose Bronze Leaf

BIG® landscape at private Garden

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Begonia BIG® Rose Bronze Leaf has been granted an Award of Merit  by the Council of the Royal Horticultural Society at the Autumn Harvest Show in London, United Kingdom.

The show took place in October 2010, and is open to all, consumers, the trade and a very wide cross section of the garden industry.                          
The Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Merit is intended to be of practical value to the home gardener. Begonia BIG® Rose Bronze Leaf has met all the criteria for this award:
It impressed the Tender Plant Committee with the strong growth, large flowers held well out from the plant and excellent qualities for pot and garden cultivation. BIG® does not require highly specialist growing conditions or care. It is weather resistant, not particularly susceptible to any pest or disease and it is not subject to an unreasonable degree of reversion in its vegetative or floral characteristics.

BIG® advantages at a glance

  • Excellent germination rates
  • Finishes two weeks earlier than other begonias of this class
  • Weather tolerant, upright habit and large showy blooms ensure superior garden performance
  • Premium look in all container types
  • Thrives in sun or shade

Let's just say: BIG® is Beautiful!
They are sure to become the no. 1 eye catcher, because BIG® begonias offer 100% superlatives across the board. Producing a myriad of up to 8 cm large, oval-shaped flowers, BIG® begonias have excellent germination capacity and outdoor performance. A big sensation in containers and baskets alike, these matchless luxurious begonias make a stately presentation in park settings and large landscape plantings which truly creates that WOW! effect. BIG® begonias offer everything garden lovers, commercial growers, or retailers can ask for. Reliable and attractive BIG® begonias are easy to please, thriving in any position from full sun to shade. The BIG® series offers three colours above glossy deep green or bronze foliage. Find out more about BIG® Begonia!