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Benary – 175 Years of Excellence in Breeding

6th Generation

2018 Benary is celebrating 175 Years of Excellence in Breeding         175 Years of Excellence in Breeding
2017 Foundation of Benary+, USA, Watsonville Benary+
2016 Benary announces Joint Venture "Jinpin Flower Seedling" in Chengdu, China        Benary Joint Venture Jinpin


Benary is celebrating its 170th company anniversary




Start up of a new breeding facility in Watsonville, California
2010 Foundation of Benary Netherlands B.V. – Their additional breeding facility in Venhuizen, Netherlands

Acquisition of Bodger Seeds Ltd. Lompoc, California


Begonia x benariensis BIG®: the extraordinary result of more than 100 years of Begonia breeding

2006 Nick ten Pas and Matthias Redlefsen step into the management of the company. Klaudia Benary-Redlefsen takes over the majority of the shares of the business.

5th Generation

2005 Expansion of the greenhouse facility in Hann. Münden
1996 Inauguration of the new main office building in Hann. Münden
1994 Foundation of the US sales and distribution subsidiary Ernst Benary of America, Inc.


Ernst Günter Benary and Christian Börries take over the management of the business

4th Generation

1991 After the German reunification: Foundation of a new breeding and production facility in Wahlhausen, East Germany




Introduction of the first Pentas lanceolata from seed New Look®


Foundation of a new production location on the Azores
1980 A new facility is built in Hann. Münden, West Germany
1979 After the sudden death of Fritz Benary, his brother Rudolf Benary takes over the management of the business


Introduction of the world’s first Orange Pansy TANGERINE
1972 Introduction of the first F1 Begonia tuberhybrida from seed Nonstop®
1964 Foundation of the breeding and production facility in Kittsee, Austria
1955 Introduction of the green and bronze leafed F1 Begonia Organdy®
1947 Start up of the a new production facility in Neu-Eichenberg, West Germany


New foundation of Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH in Hann. Münden, West Germany by Fritz Benary

3rd Generation

1952 Ernst Benary KG with a staff of over 280 is expropriated by the East German government



To avoid prosecution due to the Jewish origin of the family, many members of the family and the company signed up for the German Army and never returned from World War II


Introduction of the world’s first triploid hybrid, Fibrous Begonia TAUSENDSCHÖN

1932 Ernst Benary II. becomes President of the company
1929 Take over J. C. Schmidt „Blumenschmidt“ in Erfurt
1927 Introduction of the world’s first F1-hybrid vegetable, the Tomato HETEROSIS
1918 Benary looses most of its export and many valuable employees during World War I
1912 Export quota of the company reaches over 50%
1909 Ernst II. and Heinrich Benary enter the business

2nd Generation

1909 Fibrous Begonia Primadonna®, the world’s first commercial F1-hybrid ornamental is introduced
1890 Strong expansion of the business, the company building in Burgstraße is inaugurated
1880 Friedrich and John Benary step into the business

1st Generation




1873 Gregor Mendel is a prominent academic customer


1859 Creation of Lychnis haageana, the company’s first own breeding
1845 The first catalogue in English, Russian and French is published
1843 Foundation of „Ernst Benary Samenzucht für Gartensämereien und Pflanzen“ by Ernst Benary in Erfurt, Germany