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Super Hero® Spry

Award Winners


  • Achillea ptarmica Noblessa

    • Bright white, fully double flowers over deep green foliage
  • Arabis caucasica Snowfix

    • Cushions of bright white flowers on compact mounding plants
    • First year flowering
  • Armeria maritima Morning Star Deep Rose

    • Bright like the Morning Star
    • FastraX perennial: flowers the first year from seed without vernalization
    • Small, compact habit allows growers to produce Morning Star pot tight
    • Pair with Aquilegia Spring Magic® and Pansy Inspire® for early flowering spring combinations
  • Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz®

    • Excellent seed quality
    • Competitve, cost-efficient alternative to cutting raised varieties
    • Compact, upright habit during production, fast bench runner
    • Drought and rain tolerant, thrives in full sun and shade
    • Abundance of fiery bright red-orange, bell-shaped flowers
    • Available as pellets only
  • Begonia boliviensis Santa Barbara

    • Perfect match with Santa Cruz® and San Francisco
    • Compliments the Sun Cities Collection
    • Easy to grow
    • Pure white flowers
    • Heat tolerant
    • Extraordinary garden performance!
    • Ideal for hanging baskets, containers and mass plantings
    • Outstanding weather tolerance
    • Tropical look
    • Easy to grow
    • Heat and drought tolerant
    • Ideal for hanging baskets, containers and mass plantings
  • Begonia boliviensis San Francisco

    • Unique and Tough as The Golden Gate!
    • New color! Bright salmon flowers
    • Competitive alternative to cuttings – No royalties!
    • Easy to grow – low maintenance
    • Extraordinary garden performance!
    • Ideal for pots, hanging baskets, and mixed containers
  • Begonia semperflorens Organdy®

    • Dwarf habit
  • Begonia semperflorens Nightsprint Mix

    • Early version of the famous ORGANDY mixture
    • Colours ranging from white to scarlet over deep green or chocolate brown leaves
    • Large flowers and a vigorous habit provide uniformity in earliness and garden performance
  • Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus Maxi Mix

    • Fastest and most uniform Begonia semperflorens series on the market ever!
    • Approx. 10 days earlier than competition, quick to flower
    • Most uniform throughout colour range and within colours
    • Builds strong young plants – plants cover pots and packs well
    • Low energy crop
    • Needs less or no PGRs
    • Compact round plant habit, best basal branching of all competition, does not stretch!
    • Round large flowers with strong colours
    • Excellent flower presentation
    • Starts uniform in packs; stays uniform until the end of the season
    • Keeps compact on the shelf
    • Excellent germination rates
    • Performs very well in the garden